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Get a Membership Today - Starting at $84.50 for new memberships and $69.50 for renewals

What Is a Membership?

Congratulations! You have just found the largest prospecting organization in the world.

A membership gives you an edge as a prospector and has advantages whether you are new to gold prospectingor you have been prospecting for decades.

Our membership give you the tools you need to find gold more effectively. Whether you are using our tried and true 14" gold pan or searching for the optimal claim in our Mining guide, you can mine with greater confidence knowing that you have the tools and information you need to find more gold and extract it efficiently.

Members Kit

The membership kit you receive when you become a member comes with tools and instructional material to get you started. We also provide you with several publications including the Pick and Shovel Gazette and a Gold Prospector's Magazine subscription which provide additonal information about prospecting, current events in gold, information on state of the art gold-finding equipment, claim updates, and politcal events which shape our mining community. Packed with tools and information, this kit is a must have for any gold prospector worth his or her salt!

Access to Claims

In addition to receiving your kit, you also gain access to the hundreds of claims provided by the GPAA. Our claims span across the United States. That means there's probably one or more claims near you. The Mining Guide, provided to you in your new membership kit, gives details about each claim so you can get and get started prospecting.

What Do I Get?

The first thing you will receive in the mail is your membership kit. The membership kit comes with everything you need to start prospecting including a 14" gold pan, Mining Guide and instructional DVDs. Below is a break down of the items to help you find be successful at gold prospecting:

  • 14" Gold Pan. Your first and primary tool in finding gold. Your gold pan will help you seperate the gold from the mud. Our gold pans also are specially designed to help you keep more gold while you pan.
  • Instructional DVD. This video will help you season your pan and prepare for mining. You'll learn everything you need to make your first experience with prospecting a profitable one.
  • Mining Guide. The mining guide is your one stop source for information. It provides geographic information and tells you what signs to look for when searching for gold. It also provides detailed information about each claim including turn-by-turn directions and what to expect when you get to the claim.
  • Snuffer Bottle. After panning the materials out, you'll want to quickly and accurately extract the gold you've found from the pan. The snuffer bottle quickly and easily allows you to extract the gold flakes from your pan.
  • Gold Prospectors Magazine. Learn more about new trends and equipment to make you a more effective prospector. Our publication provides great information about mining - past and present.
  • Pick & Shovel Gazette. Our world is constantly changing, and prospectors need to keep up to date to make sure they don't get left behind. The Pick & Shovel will keep you current on new laws and politics as they change in your state. In addition, the gazette also provides entertaining stories and information on the latest events from both local chapters and our association.
  • Hat, Patch and Stickers. Sport your pride as a GPAA member and fellow prospector with additional GPAA gear including a GPAA hat, patch and stickers. We're always happy to welcome new members, and this is our way of saying "thank you" for joining our community!

Access to Claims

Our kit will get you started, but the true power of a GPAA membership comes from our claims. Claims give you a legal place to mine. We have hundreds of claims across the entire United States. Most of our claims have good gold bearing potential while others can give you access to other elements such as gems. Our Mining Guide gives detailed information about each claim including topographic data, directions and what minerals and metals to expect.


The GPAA has a large and thriving chapter base. Chapters are congregations of like minded people, in this case, gold prospectors. Chapters and chapter events are the backbone of what makes the mining community great. They are a place for new comers to learn more about prospecting and old timers to prospect with their friends. Our organization is proud to support the local chapters by providing them with tools and helping them promote their events. By becoming a member, you also help support your local chapters and the gold prospecting community. We urge all of our new members to seek out their local chapter as chapters are a great place for learning about gold mining from the best kind of people - those who are passionate and have done it for years.

NOTE: To be sure the Ohio Buckeye Chapter receives credit for your registration or renewal, please send an email to the GPAA at saying "Please give credit for my registration / renewal to the Ohio Buckeye Chapter of the GPAA". Be sure to include your registration / renewal date, your name and address, and your Membership Number. Thank you!